Hobby Breeders

    Hobby Breeders are very responsible or they don't rate the designation.  Their dogs are their babies as well as their dogs.  Often their "kennels" include the couch or bed.  The hobbyist feels the only reason to breed is to strive to produce the ideal dog of their breed.  They breed "the best to the best" no matter how much time, research, money and effort it costs.  They are creating a work of art and have thoroughly educated themselves.  Having champions in the pedigree proves nothing towards breeding quality of an individual. 
   Therefore they breed a dog only after they  have proven themselves in their field, be that of a show Champion, Baby Doll attitude within the smaller breeds, a hard pulling sled dog, or a good sheepdog or retriever.  They do all available genetic screening for known health problems in their breed.  They spay or neuter any dogs that produce health problems no matter how beautiful or how many shows they have won.  They breed to the written standard of excellence for their breed, not to a showring fad.  These breeders are committed to every dog they produce for life.
   Expect pet quality to be sold on spay/neuter contracts only to protect the breed and written guarantees to protect you.
  Many only sell their puppies by referral, although some do advertise in the paper or magazines.  They would not trust their mother to screen a prospective home, let alone a retail pet shop.
   When you have located a hobby breeder expect to be grilled about your home and life and maybe to wait awhile for a puppy.  You may even run into resistance when you ask about buying their dogs.  Best to ask price last, it may well depend on how good of home they think your family will be!  The true hobbyist is surprised if they break even on a litter because they invest so much "doing it right".  When you do acquire a puppy from a true hobby breeder you will be joining a new family, Dog-in-laws.
   So how do you find the quality kennels and Hobby Breeders?  For the Biewer  go to the list of breeders available on the internet and visit the dog shows and see the people who are interested in showing their dogs which is a great place to find the love of your life or just learn more about the breed you are interested in and talk to the breeders.  This extra effort will be well worth your time, as well as the quality of your pet's life!
Copyright Laurel Tofflemire